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About 88 Queen St.

Marie-Geneviève Pilon, Owner and Designer

When designer Gen set out to find that “good life” we’re all yearning for, she never imagined her journey would take her right back to where she started. Quebec’s Eastern Townships (think rolling hills, misty pastures, riots of colour in the fall) became home to 88 Queen St in 2006, where Gen put all her creative passion and experience to work.

Today, 88 Queen St./Brainstitch inc. is a hub of custom design, spilling out everything from tie-dyed yoga stretchies to upholstery to high-end creative couture. Slow fashion, simplicity, and easy style: it’s what 88 Queen St. is known for, and what keeps friends and customers coming back.

Everything is locally made, hand-dyed and one of a kind. What else would be the perfect thing for your lazy day at the beach AND a breezy night out with the girls? Out on the town, at the yoga studio, or backpacking through Spain – these colours and fabrics will mold to wherever the moment takes you.

One of a kind

One of Genny’ s passion is to revamp old goodies into original unique creations. Therefore, part of her collection are items that can’t be reproduced but, fortunately, special requests for similar designs are possible and always welcome.

Brainstitch Inc

In 2014, Marie-Genevieve (Genny) created Brainstitch inc and opened her workshop to new customers and projects, enabling her business to grow in different, interesting directions. Brainstitch inc. has opened up lots of news doors for Genny and has become the dream workshop that simultaneously creates 88 Queen st. clothing and delivers other sewing projects.

Broadening her businesses vision has kept her and Michelle, Genny’ s right hand girl, inspired and busy. Michelle Bourque is a great and efficient seamstress that can handle a power drill. Genny and Michelle were teenage friends and roamed the streets of North Hatley in their Birkenstocks and tie-dyed clothing in the 90’s. Not much has changed, but working together has brought their relationship to the next level.

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